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Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Raw fish and pineapples? Becks' girl sure is determined. Hope she saw her hubby bend that ball the other day, like he had telekinesis or something ... what am I saying? Getting cross-eyed from hunger, she might have even seen it twice. Or maybe she lost 6 pounds because of a triple whammy of food poisoning from all that raw fish.

Know that ad campaign where they try to turn stereotypes on their heads? Dove, I think. Or the Body Shop. One of the questions asked was: Flat or Flattering? On Selma Blair, definitely flattering. BTW, I just Googled it, and it's the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Whatever that means. I understand self-esteem and all, but beauty is truly in the eye of a beholder. So, if I think that skinny is less attractive than Reuben-esque then that's real beauty for me, isn't it? The reverse holds true, except that with this Dove campaign, I'm supposed to feel like a jerk for thinking that.

Drawing comparisons to Paris Hilton is never flattering, except for when I say that Jackie Rice looks a bit like Paris (sometimes). So, it must really suck for the really excruciatingly Nordic Gwyneth Paltrow to be likened to Paris for recording her own album. After all, Gwyneth has proven that she can actually croon. Remember Cruisin'? It was from that movie Duets.

A rave review of Superman Returns makes me really curious; while a picture from Spider-Man 3 gets me even curious-er. That's a colored picture of Spidey in a black suit. Personally, I preferred the real black suit he had in the comic book. The one that turned out to be a symbiotic creature that eventually became Venom. It was a weird story arc, but Marvel was floundering back, so we just suspended our disbelief and shelled out 100 bucks per issue, at a time when you only paid 1.50 on a jeep, and 40 pesos could get you a steaming bowl of Ted's Batchoy. Ah. But maybe my memories of that time are too fuzzy to be trustworthy. I seem to remember gasoline being free back then.

Oh, and before I totally black-out, did we really have to see these? C'mon Britney, baby! Yer killing me here!

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