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Friday, June 30, 2006


The Quasi-Judicial Murder of Rex Borra


Confidential Memo to: [redacted]
From: [redacted]
Re: COMELEC Automation
Date: 29 June 2007

[redacted], I received instructions today from [redacted]. Word is, the original draft is unacceptable because it clears the COMELEC entirely. According to [redacted], that would put [redacted] on a collision course with the [redacted][redacted]. That's something [redacted] cannot afford right now. Especially with all the controversy stirred up by [redacted]'s comments about the [redacted][redacted] being wrong in the Echegaray case. In other words, someone's head has to roll.

I objected, but I was overruled. I said that the COMELEC would not be able to take another blow to its credibility; that it would be unfair for the COMELEC to be made the whipping boy again since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the contract. But I was overruled. Again. And again. So, to cushion the blow, I suggested that we put the blame on the BAC and Borra.

The BAC because they're not impeachable officers and, with the atmosphere as poisoned as it is now, no one will really investigate them too closely anymore. As long as we say that they're guilty, we can safely assume that everyone will believe us; that's what they were expecting anyway.

Borra, because he's considered by a lot of people to be the straightest guy there. If anybody can survive this, it would be him. Besides, everyone knows that he's pretty competent. Whoever tries to convince any judge (or impeachment court) otherwise will have a very difficult time proving incompetence. In the meantime, we've complied with the Supreme Court's ruling, the opposition gets its pound of flesh, and the public gets to read about heads rolling. Plus, assuming that [redacted] plays his cards right, the focus on Borra will give the rest of the COMELEC breathing room and allow it to survive mostly intact - at least until 2007. Everybody wins.

[redacted] was so happy with this solution she practicallly got out of her chair to applaud me.

So, please get on this right away. Re-draft the findings to jettison the BAC and put the blame on Borra. I'm sorry this is on such short notice, but I am confident that you'll do a great job as usual. When you're done, give a copy to [redacted] so he can get it on radio right away. Don't send an official copy to [redacted] so they can have the weekend to plan their next move.

By the way, I saw our old professor Niccolo today. He says hi.

sgd. [redacted]

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Основные принципы работы компании состоят в индивидуальном подходе, участливом отношении к любому клиенту, предлагая качественные услуги по самым низким ценам. Во всех офисах магазина общая база предложений, которая периодически обновляется, потому цены во всей сети одинаковые. Чтобы стать счастливым обладателем лучшего тура по наиболее невысокой цене, достаточно знать, где располагается ближайший офис
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