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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Deal or No Deal

Got home real early today - early for me anyway. Flicked on the tube and saw Kris Aquino doing Deal or No Deal. Seem's like Tita Cory's kid has finally found her true calling: being a game show host. Well, at least she's tons prettier than Alan K.

Now, I never liked Kris Aquino. Her nasal twang and Pinay valley-girl whine were like laxatives: they irritated the shit outta me. But as I watched her on tv tonight, I have to admit that she doesn't look half bad. Her chinoy-coloration (that creamy kind of fair complexion that isn't as pallid as a redhead's, as ivory-ish as most caucasians, or as yellow as most asians)was mesmerizing and, did she do something to her nose? I can't remember it quite being that un-cory. And the way she's stacked, well, you really know where the money went.

Good God. I'm starting to think Kris Aquino is hot.

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