world without end

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm here

My poor blogger-baby. I know I've been neglecting you lately. I hope you understand.

I have two excuses.

First, I've been awfully busy fighting fires and all that. Remember how I said that you were about me writing for the sake of writing? Yeah, well, lately I've been writing for other - more mercenary - reasons. You became a luxury I couldn't afford.

Second, well, this site was getting kinda lonely. I needed a bit of interaction with other people to feed my imagination ... to give me something to write about. So I opened up a 'friendlier' journal somewhere else. I called that journal world without end too - I am loyal to your concept baby, even if I did my writing somewhere else for awhile.

But I'm back now, baby. And I hope I can still convince my muse to give me the words I need.



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I kinda want to see the nude image now : )
Had troubles with imagehosting. fixed now, I think. Is this the image you were referring to Alex?
Today is my lucky day :)
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