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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Are they celebrating in the Palace?

If they are, they shouldn't.

The President may have escaped being grilled by Senators, but she also lost the opportunity to prove her innocence. In the final analysis, she may have also lost her chance to be a truly great president.

Expect another year of deadlock.


On a lighter note, I visited this site because a friend recommended them. In case anyone stumbles across this blog, I don't want your time here to have been totally wasted, so check these babies out:

Warning Label Generator
Bush's email inbox
Windows/work humor
Top 10 Worst Company URLs
the weirdest English sentence
Most Unusual Buildings on Earth
what to do if your partner cheats
funny metaphors in high school essays

These babies are all set to open in new windows, so if you want to find your way back here, just click the back button on your browser. Go. Now.

TIP: To open links in a new window, the surfer can hold the shift button down while clicking on the links (will force open in new window).

More image/label generators: .
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