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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Things I want to do

I want to write a vampire story and screenplay for Anne Curtis. For some strange reason, I get that sort of vibe from her.

I want to write the great Filipino novel of the 21st century. It'll involve a cabez de barangay who lost the family fortune on a single throw of loaded dice, the second world war, a recipe for ketchup soup, tubercolosis, a second wife, a spectacular run for public office, a return to true love, a recipe for itlog-na-maalat soup, and a conversation between Mr.Spock and Galadriel.

I want to learn enough about web administration so I can creditably administer my own domain.

I want to watch the Beijing Olympics in Beijing.

I want to have a conversation with the Dalai Lama.

I want to open up a chain of community barbershops where people can sit around all day, talking about inconsequential things that would never shake the counsels of the wise and powerful.

I want to open up a half-way house for people from my hometown who have fallen on hard times here in Manila.

I want to build a three-story house where my room will have two outward facing glass walls.

I want you to change your mind.

Mr Worldwithoutend...i stumbled upon one of your responses to someone else's blog and was blown away by your insight. Now I am wondering, since this blog of yours seems to have gone quiet...where in the world can one read your musings?

With respect and no morbid curiosity,
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